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Priorities for a Better Sarasota


Transparency in government and an end to corruption

Where there is corruption, there is no freedom and the greed of the few do not outweigh the needs and rights of the many. We should demand transparency in our government. We need to put an end to campaign financing controlled by special interest. We need commissioners who will protect our assets and not give them away to the lowest bidder. Commissioners who align county priorities with the people.

 Creating Resilience in our county

  We need to look at Sarasota County as if it is an island and create a society of self-reliance. We need to be able to 'weather the storm' literally and prepare our community for disaster. We must have a plan on how we will provide for our citizens without waiting for state and federal aid. We need backup energy systems, local food networks, better water management and more shelters. We need to make sure development does not infringe on our ability to evacuate safely.

  We need resilience in our economy. Our current economy needs to be supported by not creating policy that hurts small business. Big box development is homogenizing our landscape and increased traffic is a clear sign of poorly managed development and bad economic strategies.

We are the stewards of the United States' oldest citizens and we need development that keeps the needs of our seniors in mind.

We need to support an economy for youth and innovation where young families can thrive, work and live in Sarasota County. Currently many of the people who work here, can't live here. Our failure to build homes for first time home buyers is a huge untapped economy that we can not longer ignore.

 Conservation of our economic environmental assets

  Our Ecology is Our Economy. If we continue to elect people to the  commission with no understanding of environmental systems, our environment will always be under threat. East County and our rural landscape have enormous economic potential to increase tourism and quality of life for our current residents. We can not allow our natural resources to be destroyed by greed and urban sprawl.

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